5 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Year

Dec 31, 2016 -- Posted by : bbAdmin


It's that time of year again, the time of year when we make New Year's resolutions. We start off with the best intentions, we're going to get fit, be healthy, we're going to quit eating junk food/drinking/swearing/insert bad habit here etc. We set lofty goals and every year how the might fall once the third week of January rolls around. But this year things are going to be different. You might be thinking, "why?". Well, this year we are going to change the how and the what of our resolutions. We are going to look at how we set our goals, how we can attain them, and what we can do to better ourselves in general. So, let's go, 5 ways to make 2017 your best year.

1. New Beginnings Require New Goals

Positive_Mind.jpgThe promise of a whole new year, it has that new car scent doesn't it? A blank slate, a fresh start, a time to reflect on what you've accomplished, overcome, and where you fell short during 2016. Let's start there. What did you set out to accomplish last year? Did you achieve your goals last year? If not, why? Okay, now let's get out of the past and into the present. Look at what you want to accomplish this year. Start by setting your goals. If you don't set your goals then you can't achieve them. When setting goals, make sure you come up with a plan to follow thru on achieving them. Break that plan down into manageable steps that you can check off as you go. This will help you follow through on achieving your goals and will also give you a sense of accomplishment as you cross the smaller steps off your plan. Remember reaching your dreams and goals requires daily effort. It requires a change in attitude and daily habits. Small changes and choices add up and can have a major impact.

2. How We Can Attain Our Goals

In order to attain the goals we set we need to think about how we set our goals. For a lot of we come up with resolutions that we can't or won't actually keep. Resolutions like "I'm never eating sugar again".

Love_Myself.jpgWrite down your goals, visualize what you want to achieve and visualize your succeeding. Make your goals realistic. When setting goals make sure they meet these criteria- are they measurable, can you measure whether or not you have succeeded or how you are doing? Are they attainable, can you really attain this goal in the time frame given? Put a time frame on your goals, it doesn't have to be this year or next it could be long term goals as well. For example, I want to drink more water is not a good goal. However, I want to drink 60 oz. of water per day for 30 days is. Then after you set your goals, come up with your daily plan for how you can work towards achieving those goals. Put together actionable steps you can take and cross them off as you go. For example if I want to increase my water intake to 60 oz. what I can do each day is break my big goals into smaller goals. I will drink 20 oz. by lunch time, 20 more oz. by 5:00 p.m. and the last 20 oz. before bedtime. Another example might be to exercise more, well that is a vague goal. Let's say I never work out, well then I might want to start with a goal I can achieve like "I will get 30 minutes of activity in each day" or "I will go to the gym/Zumba/swimming etc. at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes or more." As you can see how and what you set for your goals can really set you up to succeed or not succeed.

3. Focus on Health and Well-Being

Massage_benefits.jpgFor a lot of us during the new year we make resolutions involve health like wanting to lose weight. Instead, to make 2017 the best year, let's focus on OVERALL health and well-being. Let's get motivated to become the best version of ourselves. Let's use our overall health and well-being as an indicator of success. Let's look at how to focus on overall health and well-being in the new year and how Brilliant Bodywork can help you with that.

Drink more water- If you aren't drinking enough water than you are really missing out on some amazing benefits that doing this one simple thing can provide. Some benefits are clearer skin, more energy, less fatigue, helps body fluids, kidneys, and muscles, helps your immune system and boosts your brain. Those are some awesome benefits.

Get your blood pumping- Exercise and regular physical activity also offer great benefits. Physical activity helps maintain weight, helps your body's immune system, release feel good chemicals in the brain which increases mood, exercise also boosts energy. Exercise doesn't have to be boring or tedious, try out different things until you find what you love. I really like adult ballet, Zumba, swimming aerobics and walking. When you enjoy it then you follow through with doing it.

Regular Massage- Massage offers many benefits and at Brilliant Bodywork we offer different options for massage to help you get just what you need. We have deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, cupping massage and more.

Reiki- We also offer reiki, let's look at the benefits of reiki on the body.


Skincare- Don't forget about the largest organ your body has, your skin! Brilliant Bodywork offers many options for skin care that can benefit your skins health and appearance. If you have no idea where to begin feel free to set up a free consultation with us or you can always start with a soothing signature facial to deep clean, exfoliate, and treat the skin.


Well-being- We've looked at ways to you can be healthier in the new year, but how can you increase your well-being? Some of the ways to live well include prioritizing time with friends and family. We know that spending time with people we love makes us feel good and helps us to be happier, so make this a priority. As much as being with others is good for us so is knowing when we need time to ourselves, make me time a priority as well. It is not always easy to make time for ourselves to just unwind and relax but it is important. Use your "me" time to meditate or do yoga, or do another relaxing activity like coloring, knitting, or journaling. Activities that are calming are best for this personal time so that you can recharge your batteries so to speak. Also, find hobbies that you enjoy and make time for them. This will make you more well-rounded and makes you feel good so make time for the hobbies that you like to do.

There you have it, 3 steps to make 2017 your best year, if you want to learn more about the services offered at Brilliant Bodywork, you can research our website or give us a call at (608) 783-8380 or e-mail us at clientservices@brilliantbodywork.com. I hope you enjoyed this article and that you have an AWESOME and AMAZING new year!!


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