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Jan 30, 2017 -- Posted by : bbAdmin

Today I thought it would be fun to go back and look at some of our past Transformation testimonials and some of our client reviews. Now lets take a look at these AMAZING transformations and testimonials from some of our awesome clients.

First we have Brittany who is a client for our Acne Clinic, here she shares her story and her transformation.


I can not say THANK YOU enough to Stephanie for helping me have the skin I thought I would only dream about.

I never had issues with acne as a teenager, but when I turned 22 my skin went NUTS! I tried every sort of concoction under the sun to try and clear my skin and nothing worked. I just gave up. I felt my confidence drifting and I knew I needed to get things fixed!

In comes Brilliant Bodywork Massage Therapy & Skin Care. In 5 months Stephanie took my skin from a nightmare to a dream! I even went out Black Friday shopping with NO makeup up and felt confident about my own natural skin again! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Our next client received one skin rejuvenation session from Stephanie, as you can see the results speak for themselves!


Are you ready for this Transformation? This Brilliant client experienced one skin rejuvenation treatment by the superstar of lasers, Ms. Stephanie! After just one treatment, notice how the skin looks more even, younger, tightened and toned.

This next client is another of our amazing Acne Clinic program participants, she has had amazing results by sticking with and working the program. Here is her testimonial of being able to really enjoy living in her own skin.


This is mortifying for me to post but I have to do it. These are my before/after pictures while working with the Acne Clinic program through @brilliantbodywork with Stephanie. This change took about 4 months and has been life changing. I have always had bad acne and have used every product, including prescriptions, with the exception of Accutane which I was unwilling to use. People can finally see ME! Yes, I have some scarring but I am so proud of my skin now. Don't waste your money on chemicals that ruin your body. I still have blue deposits in my legs from being on an antibiotic for so long. I am so confident now and go places without makeup (something I never thought would be possible for me). The best part is that the people who love me loved me in my before pics and can now join me in the joy of the "after"." ~Molly V.

— feeling loved at Brilliant Bodywork Massage Therapy & Skin Care.

Our final transformation story does not have her own testimonial, but I would like to share the difference I noticed in this young lady from when her transformation began.


Before joining the Acne Clinic program she suffered with difficult acne. She was very quiet and reserved in the beginning of her treatments. However, as time went on and her skin started to change, she to began to change. This young woman blossomed right before our eyes like a caterpillar bursting from it's cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. She really came out of her shell, and you could see how she had more confidence and carried herself differently.

Now that we shared some of our transformation testimonials from our amazing clients, we'd like to share a few of the reveiws we received from some of our clients. Our clients are the reason we are in this business, so when they take the time to share their experiences with us, we listen. It is always humbling to when we receive glowing reviews from our clients and it makes us want to continue to get better each and every day for them. Thank you to all of our clients, you are the ones that truly make this business special.


Jenna says-

I've been to Brilliant Bodywork for both skin care and massage. Stephanie is indeed a magician when it comes to skin care – I trust her completely, and I am a snobby big city girl! She's terrific. And the masseuse therapists here have saved my back. If you want to be seriously thrown around the way I requested to be during deep tissue massage, go to Stacy. When I saw her, my back was so tight from having been on a work deadline that it was like a sheet of stone. She got in there with her elbows and started to break it up. I have also seen Louise, who is very holistically attuned and recommended cupping in addition to doing great deep tissue work to get those muscles back in shape, and finally I have been working with Kelly for my last couple of treatments – her touch is deceptively light and friendly, and then you go home and you're like wow – I had a serious deep tissue massage! All of the therapists are extremely knowledgeable and the salon is immaculate and comforting – one of my happy places. Thanks, guys. I will come back.

Jill shares-

Louise is a treasure. A deep massage is what works for me and she delivers. I tried the cupping today and felt absolutely wonderful after. Can't wait to go back! Pricing is very competitive and the staff is welcoming and helpful. This is a nice little gem in the heart of Onalaska!

Laura says-

I started by getting a massage just to try it out, it was great! I then tried an aromatherapy facial and Kendra is the most amazing person there! She really knows how to make you feel at home and she always does good work! I signed up for the membership and I absolutely love their products! Great atmosphere and Adam is very welcoming!

We absolutely love hearing these great stories of transformation, encouragement, and growing self-esteem and self-confidence. Great work ladies! Also, it is an honor to read the reviews from our clients, it brightens our day to receive such positive feedback. Thank you all for taking the time to learn a little bit more about why we do what we do, and how our clients feel about us. If you would like to learn more about us or any of the services we offer please go to www.brilliantbodywork.com


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I really enjoyed getting a dermaplane/ Glo facial from Stephanie. She really knows about all types of skin and what works best. I am very finicky about who touches my skin and what I put on it. I trust her advice. It was a great experience and my skin feels great!
Carolyn Moe

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