The Brilliant Bodywork Community Newsletter

Each month we publish a newsletter to our Brilliant Bodywork spa community. In this newsletter will be a stories and features about happenings at the spa and tips about how to make the most of your experiences. You will also treated to a posting of our montly specials and other fun events going on at the spa. It will always be a quick read, full of interesting and helpful information. Thanks for being a part of our Unplug Recharge community.

With more than 100 trillion bacteria (more than the number of cells in your body) lining your intestinal tract, your intestinal flora has incredible power over your immune system. This intestinal lining, which acts as an internal mucosal barrier, covers about 300 square meters (nearly the size of a tennis court). This is an extremely complex living system that aggressively protects your body from outside offenders, including toxins, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi. In fact, 80% of your immune system resides in your intestines. Thus, a properly functioning intestinal tract is your first line of defense against ANY INFECTIOUS DISEASE![...]