Employment Opportunities

Massage Therapist


  • Be available 20-30 hours per week
  • Ability to clarify guest requests
    Carry appropriate certifications, accreditation, or licenses.
  • Have a passion for their profession and a positive attitude
  • Provide exceptional service and dedication to our clients
  • Be dependable and dedicated to their own personal health and wellness
  • Be able to complete up to 5 massages per day.

The Massage Therapist will:

  • Be local to the Onalaska area
  • Willing to participate in community outreach programs
  • Participate in actively growing their practice
  • Have a strong working knowledge of anatomy and physiology
  • Practice deep tissue with a specific area of expertise
  • Have a compassionate clinical presence
  • Have a professional appearance and demeanor
  • Have a willingness to work with other practitioners
  • Have a desire to learn about, and experience, other healing modalities
  • Demonstrate confidence in talking about therapeutic body work
  • Have a passion for their profession and a positive attitude
  • Be reliable and dedicated to their own health and wellness.

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